Screenshot 7

The table Salvadore builds for the player.

Salvadore is one of the three friends of the player. In the beginning, he writes letters about being on an exploration and gives you a bug to keep you company. He makes you a table over the course of the game. Later on, he comes back to the hometown and attempts to break the Player out by smashing the generator powering the electric lock on the player's cell. Doctor Money claims via letter that he was electrocuted to death upon breaking the generator, but he was never seen dead.

Next to the front door of the building you are trapped in, there seems to be an incredibly black wall, with a door, This may be the room he died in, as the black may represent heavy electrocution of surrounding objects/people, such as Salvadore.

His name, Salvadore, actually means savior, as he died freeing you.