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Important Notice: Wertpol, the creator of these wonderful games, has unfortunately passed away. This wiki will be left up for any future players who happen to stumble upon his works. ===

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This is the Presentable Liberty Wiki, a site that anyone can read and anyone can edit all about the Menagerie series of games. Take a look at the Main Story page for a summary of the game, or check out the character portal to learn more about the characters in Presentable Liberty and Exoptable Money. Spoilers are almost everywhere, however, so it is highly reccomended that one plays the games before exploring the wiki. Enjoy!

Notice: Complete remakes of the games Presentable Liberty and Exoptable Money are on their way, so long as the Kickstarter is funded successfully.

Notice 2: Wertpol,(the developer of the games),is casually streaming every once in a while.Visit his channel (named Wertpol Streams) at

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Games Edit

Menagerie Series Edit

Menagerie I: Exoptable Money

Menagerie II: Presentable Liberty

Menagerie: Archive

Original Series Edit

Exoptable Money

Presentable Liberty

*The Original series and the Menagerie series are not canon with each other. Edit