Warning- major plot spoilers below

Presentable Liberty is a game about a prisoner who is not able to leave their cell. You, the prisoner, collect letters and each time you open them, you progress in the game. In the story, a man named Doctor Money wanted to become the richest man in the world. To accomplish this goal, he released a deadly virus that devastated the human population, choking people to death if they had it. For a while people were forced to buy his antidote from him. However, it caused organ failure and people were forced to buy new organs from him, but these organs ended up killing people in a few hours. Doctor Money also made a cure and he said in the alternative ending (If you chose to stay in your cell) that he masterminded the whole plan to slaughter the human race, leaving alive the protagonist, Salvadore, Mr. Smiley and Charlotte (only the protagonist gets to live depending on your decision in the end of the game). He also admitted to keeping the protagonist safe from the dangers of the outside world. Mr. Smiley was "hired" by Doctor Money to keep the protagonist distracted by sending him games. Eventually, Mr. Smiley tells the truth about his job, and dies by selling his organs to buy a new game for the protagonist. Charlotte was in a bakery store, right across from prison. She kept sending him letters as well as Salvadore and Mr. Smiley.This is comforting to the player, as they have made a friend. Charlotte sends the player a cake, baked especially for them. However, as the game goes on, she becomes more and more lonely and eventually kills herself. Salvadore, the protagonist's friend from the outside world, said that he was traveling, collecting stuff for the protagonist. Eventually, he finds out about the disease and Salvadore sets out to save his friend. Just like the others, this character is taken away in a horrific way, this time by being electrocuted by the generator in the basement. In the end, you either escape the prison and the game ends, or you stay in the cell and Doctor Money comes and kills you for your organs to live as the richest (and only) man in the world.