Doctor Money's Portable Entertainment Machine Edit

In the game Presentable Liberty, you are sent notes from Mr. Smiley, working for the Doctor Money Corporation, attempting to keep you happy in order to reduce suicide rates in prison, which you are in. One way he does this is by sending you a handheld video game, similar to the real life Game Boy, called Doctor Money's Portable Entertainment Machine. It seems to be hooked up to a separate device used to buy games and download them onto the Portable Entertainment Machine, though in Presentable Liberty, you do not have this device, Mr. Smiley does, and he buys you games throughout Presentable Liberty using multiple methods to make money, as apparently the games are quite expensive. The Portable Entertainment Machine is played using four arrow key controls, and, other than the on/off switch. It is unknown if the machine has any other buttons. For each of the games, the levels get harder as you progress. Each game has twenty levels, and completing all levels in a game will grant you with a medallion on your wall and a completion screen when if you open the game after completing it.


List of games Edit

  • The first game you get is called Serpent, a game where you control a snake-like line, and your goal is to get from Point A to Point B and eat an object at Point B.
  • The second game you get is called Fear of Fire, where you control some sort of crawling bug. Your goal is to stay alive until the time runs out, as different kinds of fireballs are bouncing around you.
  • The third game is called Piteous Moonlight, and it is a parody of a real life mobile app called Flappy Bird that went viral in early 2014. In Piteous Moonlight, you control a flying insect, and your goal is to get from Point A to Point B, but the game has high "gravity" therefore it has different, and more difficult, physics, than Serpent.
  • The fourth game is called Triangle Wars. You control a small triangle, and your goal is to get to the end of the level with obstacles in the way that you have to jump over, duck under, and break objects in the way. It's a reference to the Impossible Game series.
  • The fifth and final game is called Crankmaster. You control a set of gears, one having a face on it, frowning, and your goal is to make the face smile for a specific amount of time.