In Exoptable Money Edit

Dr. Money sells items to the protagonist in the first game, Exoptable Money. He then sells you a can opener for all your remaining money and further on becomes the richest man on the planet. He later dies due to the virus he created.

The letters he sends talk about an "East-West Conflict," and him asking for money in the interest of the economy. He asks you to send money with a letter so the economy can: Breathe new air and breathe new money. His third letter addresses your lack of sending money, and he then blames you for allowing the conflict to spread to the far east. The fourth one sends you a warning. The fifth one is a deadly virus. An antidote appears in the shop for money. The sixth letter addresses the fact that you have not bought the antidote, and failing to do so may result in death. The seventh informs you that the conflict has ended, and that there aren't enough people to fight for east or west. The antidote has also gone down in price. Buying the antidote gives you another letter, thanking you for your business. Letters number 9, 10, 11, and 12 inform you that the antidote is not working as intended, causing various vital organs to fail, and he is willing to buy organs from you, letter 11 stating that they are not working because of their origins being from a money machine, and letter 12 informs you they must be sold at low price, but you can rectify the issue by selling them family and friends organs.

He also compliments your tin can, informs you to max out the machine, and then ceases contact in his penultimate letters. The final letter congratulates your can opener.

In Presentable Liberty Edit


Dr. Money is an unseen antagonist of Presentable Liberty. He seems to have created the virus and sold a cure which not only failed to stop the virus, but caused various vital organs to fail. Due to this side affect, there was a large market for organs. Because Dr. Money received the organs from the money machine, they failed to function and caused many deaths. These organs were recalled and those only from other humans could be sold. Dr. Money only leaves the protagonist alive, because, without the protagonist's knowledge, Money injected him with the only working antidote. The protagonist is immune from the virus, and so his organs are extremely valuable. Toward the end of day 5, if the protagonist didn't exit the door cell when his friend Sal breaks the generator, the generator will be fixed and the door will be closed again. Dr. Money will then explain about how he has injected the protagonist with the only working antidote when the protagonist arrived at the jail. In the narrator cut scene, 12 days after, someone will come to get him to Dr. Money, who will sell his organs at a sky-rocketing price.

Dr. Money also forces some people to oversee the inmates including the protagonist, dubbed "Happy Buddies" which he blackmails. Mr. Smiley, the protagonist's Happy Buddy™ has been blackmailed by Dr. Money, threatening to kill his daughters whom he kidnapped. Dr. Money said that if those people can keep the inmates happy, thus lowering the suicide rate, he would discontinue the blackmailing. Many are lied to, specifically Mr. Smiley. His daughters actually died from the virus days before his own suicide, in which he accomplishes purchasing the Protagonist another game for his Dr. Money Portable Entertainment Machine.

He gives the protagonist a money poster sometime during the game that states "Money Survives All Hardships."

His most memorable quote is, "You are worth every penny," taken from one of his his last letters.